My name is Daniel Engberg.
Im 30 years old and my big hobby is Volvo Cars.
My first car was a Volvo 142 GL from 1973.
I took my driving licens 1992 on the 14th of feb.
I drove 390 km that day . I had many different cars from1990-2003.
After my 142 i bought a 242 DL (1976).
244 GLE(1979) 244 Turbo (1981 i own it now) 244 Turbo (1982 I own it now) 740 GLE (1985) 244 GL (1985) 940 Limousine(1991 i own it now) 855 T5(1994)945 LTT(1996).
Besides these Volvos i had a Audi A4. Saab 9000 aero ,Saab 900 Turbo ,Saab 900 i ,Saab 9000i ,3 st Sierra Xr4i,Sierra Xr4x4,Sierra Lazer,Sierra GL,Sierra 2,9 GL,Ford Scoripo,Opel Manta,Opel Omega,Ford Escort,VW Beetle (old model),Nissan Cherry,Suzuki GTI but i always seems to fall back to Volvos.

I work with tele/data/it communications on a company called Onecom in Sweden.
I have a big family,4 children and my wife Erene.

                                                                                           Picture from 2002

We live in a small community 60 Km outside Swedens capital Stockholm called Skokloster.
My oldest son Tomas was born 10th July 1994 and i was only 20 years Old.

                                                                                            Picture is from 2001.

2 Years later Andreas was born 29 of August 1996.

                                                                                              Picture is from 2002.

Now we had 2 lovely boys but we really wanted a girl so in Feb 2000 we tried again.

1 of December 2000 my wife got birth to i fine son,Niclas.

                                                                                            Picture is from 2002

Finally 15th of May 2002 our Daughter  Wilma is born
                                                                                              Picture is from 2002   


Thank you for visiting my profile and i hope you will enjoy the rest of my homepage.